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Mastering the art of cut, color, and style is no simple task at hand but presented before you are Lois Kinsey’s coveted signature hair looks that women everywhere are seeking to achieve and learn how to accomplish.


Accomplishing the art of color is a skill that is unique to Lois and one of her strong points in beautifying her clientele. Presented in this section, are the latest and greatest color combinations trending around the globe in the industry of cosmetology, done by Celebrity Stylist Lois Kinsey.


Cliché if you may, however, cut can be one of the most challenging deeds as a hair dresser.” Lois Kinsey has 30+ years of cutting trends and technique knowledge to provide the best cut on the market.


Hair styles are always evolving and changing everywhere you look. Lois prides herself on her ability to successfully execute hairstyles of a wide array. Bridal to Casual, Lois has you covered.