Meet Lois Kinsey

From the rolling hill to Laguna Beach to the serene sands of Maui, master hair and makeup stylist Lois Kinsey, has perfected the art of beauty and, along the way, has collected an impressive celebrity following.  Always at the hear of Lois Kinsey Beauty is the deep commitment to creating truly transformative client experience. 

You wear many hats at Lois Kinsey Beauty, describe the scope of work.  What I love doing is using tools that maximize the effects that I try to achieve with clients – shaping and empowering them to create a fashion-forward look with beautiful, wearable hair and makeup.

Tell me about your experience working at the Grand Wailea in Maui.  Having created quite a large clientele, I came to a point where I could spend some weekends in Maui each year…. it also occurred to me that I really needed to start traveling a little bit more.  Then, the opportunity came up for me to move to Maui and start working for the Four Seasons, and then Grand Wailea Resort, where I ended up being the Artistic Director and celebrity stylist. 

Anything else about your background in the beauty industry?  After Maui, I moved back to California to help open the first Paul Mitchell Academy, and also worked as a stylist with CBS television.  I have also attend New York fashion week several times and have worked with hi-profile designers such as Oscar de la Renta and Lloyd Klein – all thanks to my original mentor - Alexander d Paris, who inspired me to become the kind of hair dresser I am today. 

You also do allot bridal styling.  What is your favorite part?  That moment when you get to see the bride in her gown with her hair and makeup all done and there’s that pause, which is almost a breathtaking moment, when she sees herself for the very first time – that is the most unbelievable experience

So, a major part for your work is striving to make your clients vision a reality?  For me, I think the most important part is to treat my clients with the highest respect and to bring them the very best I have to offer.  The consultation is the most import part…I do it with every client to out what their vision is and what they want to create.